love this for so many reasons #thor probably just found out that bruce turns into the hulk #and he literally met bruce hours ago #and everyone else who has known bruce just sees him as the hulk #but thor sees him as bruce banner #not the monster #he knows bruce somewhere in there#that the hulk isn’t just a mindless beast #and to make this even more feelsy#this is just like how he treats loki #everyone else sees loki as a psychotic menace #and thor is the only one who tries to reason with him instead of just attacking #this is why i hate it when people say thor is just all muscle and looks #he is so much more #he’s the only one who’s given the ‘monsters’ a chance to redeem themselves #and to me #thats one of the most heroic things someone can ever do

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I’m waiting for the day when he’s on Ellen promoting his new movies and she brings out clips from his old youtube channel like this one. And he’s just in complete agony in his embarrassment. I can almost taste it.

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